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Golchin Clay Tile

Simulated clay sheets of galvanized metal are used to cover gable roofs. Golchin simulated clay sheets come in different colors and shapes and add a certain attraction to the structure. With their 12 to 90 degree span of installation and their flexibility, they play an important role in modern architecture facade decoration.

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Metal Deck sheet

Speed up of the execution process and elimination of costly time consuming traditional methods is an important factor of industrialization. One of the parts of a building that has a considerable effect in the construction speed is the roof. If modern methods are utilized regarding the construction of the roof, the project will be executed in a more time efficient and suitable manner.

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FooladGharb Co., the manufacturer of a wide variety of sandwich panels, various sheets, and prefabricated Conex and villas has been first established in Tabriz, Iran in 2002. The area of the company has been expanded to 20000 m2 at Salimi Industrial Zone to provide better quality and completing the production chain while having maximum production rate. Two manufacturing units with a total area of 3000 m2 enabled us to achieve 1.5 million m2 sandwich panel production capacity per year. Currently, FooladGharb Co. has one of the most equipped and fully automated integrated production lines of sandwich panels in the country.


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