Economy Sandwich Panel

FooladGharb’s new innovation, “Economy Sandwich Panel”, with polystyrene insulation of thickness 4 cm, has recently received the highest gratitude amongst our dearest customers. It has been patented with the tireless efforts of the FooladGharb’s R&D team. Economy Sandwich Panels are made of galvanized colored sheet for outer layer and waterproof paper are used for the inner layer. This type of sandwich panel is more economical due to the use of 4 cm polystyrene insulation and the replacement of the inner steel layer with waterproof papers, while it has the main features of the sandwich panel. That's why the Economy panel can be a suitable alternative to the gable roof profile sheet. In addition, its installation would be faster and easier compared with the gable roof sheet, at times when insulating layer infrastructure such as glass wools are required.

Economy sandwich panels are the best option for applications such as warehouses that do not require cold and heat insulation.

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