Economy Sandwich Panel

PU Economy Sandwich Panel

Suitable for covering all kinds of sheds and chicken farms


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Roof Sandwich Panel

Foolad Gharb's Economy Sandwich Panel is a budget-friendly roofing option designed for easy installation. It achieves this by using a thin insulation core and a waterproof paper or foil layer on the bottom instead of a full metal sheet like standard panels. This makes it lighter and cheaper, and also simplifies installation compared to roofing sheets that often require additional insulation.

However, this focus on affordability comes with a trade-off. The thinner core means it's not ideal for situations requiring high thermal insulation, such as freezers.  However, it's a good choice for applications like warehouses where temperature control isn't critical.

Technical Specifications for Roof Economy Sandwich Panel

Technical Specifications for Roof Economy Sandwich Panel
Effective width 100 cm
Panel length 2 - 13.5 m
Number of ribs 4 ribs
Rib distance 333 mm
Profile height 37 mm
Insulation core thickness 2 - 15 cm
Top skin-layer thickness 0.3 - 0.8 mm
Bottom skin-layer thickness 0.16 mm
Top layer material PPGI
Bottom layer material Aluminum foiled reinforced kraft paper / waterproof paper
Core material Polyurethane (PUR)

Economy Sandwich Panel Application

The application for Foolad Gharb Economy Sandwich Panel is diverse, according to its special characteristics. The type of sandwich panel should be chosen according to the application and type of need, weather conditions and budget. But due to the reasonable price of the economy sandwich panel, using it as the roof covering for livestock and poultry sheds is an economical option.


Sandwich panel for poultry


Sandwich panel for industrial sheds and warehouses

Quality control, packaging and loading of sandwich panels

Foolad Gharb company has always made customer satisfaction as its main policy. In all the years of activity of FooladGharb, the satisfaction of our capital customers has been guaranteed by its activity and expansion. Therefore, we improve the quality of our products by launching new production lines and hiring and employing educated and specialized technicians. We take care of the production, quality control of the produced sandwich panel and correct packaging and delivery so that the product that reaches you is in accordance with your request.

The process of purchasing a sandwich panel from the initial order to its delivery is a time-consuming process that Foolad Gharb Company has reduced this time by using production and sales management systems and trained personnel. Please call +98(41)34242025 for more information, sandwich panel prices or other technical questions.