ECO Insulated Sandwich Panel

Economicly Sandwich Panel

EPS - Thickness 4cm


FooladGharb’s new innovation, “Economy Sandwich Panel”, with polystyrene insulation of thickness 4 cm, has recently received the highest gratitude amongst our dearest customers. It has been patented with the tireless efforts of the FooladGharb’s R&D team. Economy Sandwich Panels are made of galvanized colored sheet for outer layer and waterproof paper are used for the inner layer. This type of sandwich panel is more economical due to the use of 4 cm polystyrene insulation and the replacement of the inner steel layer with waterproof papers, while it has the main features of the sandwich panel. That's why the Economy panel can be a suitable alternative to the gable roof profile sheet. In addition, its installation would be faster and easier compared with the gable roof sheet, at times when insulating layer infrastructure such as glass wools are required.

Economy sandwich panels are the best option for applications such as warehouses that do not require cold and heat insulation.

ساندویچ پانل اکونومی

About Fooladgharb

Fooladgharb Industrial Group started its official activity in 2002 with the production of polystyrene sandwich panels in Shahid Salimi Industrial Town of Tabriz. At present, with the benefit of the latest production line, loading and unloading, the quality control laboratory and specialized manpower have expanded their activities by producing polyurethane sandwich panels. The annual production capacity of Fooladgharb is one million square meters of sandwich panels and more than 19,000 tons of various forms of sheets, which has increased to 2.5 million square meters with the development plan.

By creating a research and development group, Fooladgharb increases the quality of products by creating innovations and adds new products to its production portfolio in order to satisfy customers and be able to offer products that are more economical and suitable for climatic conditions and uses.

ECO Sandwich Panel's Dimensions

Dimensions of economy sandwich panel include width, length and thickness of insulation. The width of the panel is generally produced in a certain width and depends on the type of profile such as ceiling or wall, the number of steps and the amount of overlap. The width of the panel can be changed by considering the overlap. Useful width is produced due to overlap less than panel width. The recommended value for the overlap is 15 cm. Insulation thickness is 4 cm. In the production of economy sandwich panels, there is almost no limit for length and in large lengths of production and according to customer needs and transportation is cut from 2 to 15 meters after production, the main limitation of the economy sandwich panel length due to the allowable portable length On the road by trailer.

ECO Roof sandwich panel's Specifications

Roof Sandwich Panel Profile
Width 1080 mm
Effective width 980 mm
Length 2 - 15 m
Insulation thickness 4 cm
Sheet thickness 0.40 - 0.50 mm
Top sheet type Galvanized, colored, Allozinc, Aluminum
Bottom sheet type Foil paper
Insulation Type Polystyrene EPS

ECO Wall sandwich panel's Specifications

Wall Sandwich Panel Profile
Width 970 mm
Effective width 950 mm
Length 2 - 15 m
Insulation thickness 4 cm
Sheet thickness 0.40 - 0.50 mm
Top sheet type Galvanized, colored, Allozinc, Aluminum
Bottom sheet type Foil paper
Insulation Type Polystyrene EPS

ECO Sandwich Panel's Features

ساندویچ پانل با بالاترین عایق حرارتی
عایق حرارتی
ساندویچ پانل با دوام و ماندگاری بالا
دوام و ماندگاری
ساندویچ پانل ضد آب
ضد آب
ساندویچ پانل عایق صوتی
عایق صوتی
ساندویچ پانل ضد آتش
مقاوم در برابر آتش
نصب سریع و آسان ساندویچ پانل
نصب سریع و آسان

Application of economy sandwich panel, selection guide

The application of economy sandwich panel is varied according to its special characteristics. The type of sandwich panel should be selected according to the application and the type of need, weather conditions and budget. However, considering the reasonable price of the economy sandwich panel, using it for the roof of livestock and poultry sheds is an economical option. The use of polystyrene while meeting the standards for the construction of livestock sheds is cost-effective.


Sheds and Warehouses

Quality control, packaging and loading of sandwich panels

Fooladgharb company has always made customer satisfaction as its main policy. In all the years of activity of FooladGharb, the satisfaction of our capital customers has been guaranteed by its activity and expansion. Therefore, we improve the quality of our products by launching new production lines and hiring and employing educated and specialized technicians. We take care of the production, quality control of the produced sandwich panel and correct packaging and delivery so that the product that reaches you is in accordance with your request.

The process of purchasing a sandwich panel from the initial order to its delivery is a time-consuming process that Fooladgharb Company has reduced this time by using production and sales management systems and trained personnel. Please call +98(41)34242025 for more information, sandwich panel prices or other technical questions.

Price per square meter of ECO Sandwich Panels

قیمت ساندویچ پانل به خاطر نوسانات شدید ورق و مواد اولیه به صورت روزانه تغییر می‌کند. به غیر از این موارد قیمت هر متر مربع ساندویچ پانل به فاکتورهای زیادی وابسته است و نمی‌توان قیمت مشخص یا تقریبی بدون انجام محاسبات ارائه کرد. این فاکتورها باید توسط مهندس متخصص بر اساس نوع کاربرد سازه، شرایط محیطی و بودجه تعیین گردند. این فاکتورها عبارتنداز

  1. نوع پروفایل: سقفی یا دیواری
  2. جنس ورق ورق رو و زیر می‌تواند گالوانیزه، آلوزینک و یا آلومینیوم باشد. برای کاهش قیمت ساندویچ پانل می‌توان ورق زیر را کاغذ فویل دار ضدآب نیز انتخاب کرد.
  3. ضخامت ورق ها: با افزایش ضخامت ورق وزن و قیمت ساندویچ پانل افزایش می‌یابد. غالبا ورق زیر را نازکتر از ورق رو انتخاب می‌کنند.
  4. رنگ ورق ها: ورق زیر که در واقع سقف داخلی می‌باشد غالبا سفید انتخاب می‌شود ولی برای سقف رنگی‌های آبی، قرمز و نارنجی کاربرد بیشتری دارند.
  5. نوع عایق: عایق پلی استایرن نسبت به پلی اورتان ارزان تر می‌باشند ولی پلی یورتان از نظر ضریب عایقی و آتش‌سوزی بهتر است.
  6. ضخامت عایق: عایق ضخیم‌تر موجب افزایش خاصیت عایقی در برابر سرما و گرما خواهد بود.
  7. دانسیته عایق: دانسیته عایق بر اساس نوع کاربری انتخاب می‌شود.
  8. عرض ساندویچ پانل: حداکثر عرض ساندویچ پانل ۹۸۰ میلی‌متر می‌باشد ولی امکان تولید با عرض کمتر نیز وجود دارد.

همچنین متراژ ساندویچ پانل تولید شده به خاطر همپوشانی پانل‌ها از متراژ سازه بیشتر خواهد بود.

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