Dampa Sheet

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Dampa is a special structure that can be used to cover the false ceiling as well as the gable roof. In addition to beauty, it prevents the wind from entering under the roof. Rivets or welding are used to connect the damper to the desired location.

Dampa sheet has different thicknesses. Dampa is usually produced in thicknesses of 0.4 to 1.25 mm, and galvanized sheet, colored galvanized, aluminum and oil sheet are used to produce dampa.

To produce Dampa sheets, they use two industrial and traditional methods. In the traditional method, this process is carried out using press machines, and different designs can be implemented on the sheet with this machine. is also low.

But in the industrial method, the sheets of this structure are made in the form of longitudinal rolls by using colored sheets with different patterns and designs. In this method, the sheets are produced with a faster cold rolling method and the sheet rejection is zero.


Technical data

Total width 1110 mm
1250 mm
Effective width 1084 mm
1250 mm
Profile height 13 mm
Max. length 15 m
Thickness 0.45 - 0.60 mm

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Applications of Dampa Lampe sheet

  • wall view
  • False Ceiling