Glass wool insulation

The raw materials forming glass wool insulation and the percentage of their ingredients are in the table below:

Silica 44
Sodium carbonate 18
Dolomite 11
Feldspar 12
Borax 7
Limestone 8
Sodium sulfate 1


The purity of raw materials plays an important role in the quality of glass wool fibers.

Glass Wool Fibers

Glass wool is composed of very thin fibers with high flexibility. large number of these fibers are woven into each other in the process of producing glass wool and are marketed as an insulating layer of glass wool with the length, width and thickness defined with different coatings.

In fact, weaving these fibers creates many holes in glass wool, which creates an insulating nature in glass wool by keeping the air in itself.

According to the table of raw materials, contrary to public beliefs, asbestos (cotton Koohi), which is a carcinogenic substance, is not used in the production of glass wool. And truth be told, glass fibers and asbestos have nothing to do with each other; and moreover, mineral insulators are known as the most widely used insulators around the world.


In all international standards, the reaction of glass wool insulation against fire has been investigated and approved from 2 different aspects.

Glass wool is not flammable

Glass wool (Silica base) unlike other insulators of polyurethane and polystyrene group (carbon base) is not participated in the fire. While the flare-up of carbon-based insulators during fire causes the emission of toxic gases of dioxide carbon, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, which poses far more risks than the fire itself and causes suffocation and rapid death of the residents.

Fire Resistance

In the set of insulators used in structures, mineral insulators have a great resistance to fire and prevents the fire from spreading with causing significant delays.

Uses of Glass Wool Insulation

Fiberglass is used for products that require thermal insulation or are resistant to corrosion and robust materials. Fiberglass is applied for the manufacture of pipes with different mechanical and hydraulic specifications for fluid transfer etc. In most major projects such as oil transmission lines, industrial and petrochemical process lines, urban water and sewage transfer and urban tunnels are used. Glass fibers are also used in the manufacture of fiberglass sheets.

The most used glass fibers in Iran are for sheet making and manufacturing industrial parts.

Glass Wool Insulation Price

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