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Sinusoidal sheets are of the most common and primitive forms of galvanized sheets and get the name “sinusoidal” because of the wavy archly design of the sheets. These sheets would be used to collect snow and rain water. Later on when the usage of the corrugated sheet cutting machines became common, it was possible to produce and supply galvanized corrugated sheets in different colors and widths of 100 and 125 CM and instructed length from customer.

Iron corrugated sheets are prone to corrosion and become obsolete in a short time, and that is why galvanized corrugated sheets are so popular and common today. Most galvanized sheets can be painted and the paint not only gives a more beautiful look, it also increases the resistance against corrosion and physical damages and that’s why customers wanted to paint these sheets to give their gable or country house a better look. These sheets have a professional electrostatic kiln painting and come in a vast variety of colors.


Technical data

Effective width 1040 mm
Total width 1150 mm
Profile height 15 mm
Steps width 80 mm
Max. sheet length 1 - 15 m
Thickness 0.45 - 0.60 mm

Sinusoidal shutter forming is one of the common and old forms of galvanized sheets, it is called sinusoidal sheet due to the similarity of shutter forming to circular and circular waves. Corrugated sheets were used to collect water from snow or rain. Later, with the promotion of the shutter cutting machine, corrugated iron sheets were used in the gable roofs of buildings. Generally, colored galvanized shutters can be produced and supplied in two widths of 100 and 125 cm with the length ordered by the customer.

  • To cover the roof of houses
  • For pitched roofs
  • To cover the roof of sheds and villas
Sinusoidal corrugated roofing sheet

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Colored shutter sheets are widely used in various building structures and their galvanizing process is done by hot dip method and is made at 460 degrees Celsius. Corrugated colored galvanized sheets are made with sinusoidal design and are very practical. Colored shutter sheet is used in different climates due to its anti-rust properties. These sheets are composed of different metal layers of iron and zinc. Colored sinusoidal sheet is used in different parts of the building structure and can be used as a shade and light. In some cases, this metal structure can also be used as a gable roof. Galvanized sheets are produced in different thicknesses, which are widely used due to their very low cost.

Corrugated colored galvanized sheet has very high strength and can resist natural events such as stormy winds. In the product market, corrugated color sheet products are known as wavy, sinusoidal or shutter and are available in various thicknesses, including sizes from 0.3 mil to 1 mm. The width of this product is usually between 100 and 125 cm, but it can be customized in the factory. The length of the galvanized sheet varies according to the customer's order, which is generally produced in the market with lengths of 2 meters to 13.5 meters. The price of colored shutters is determined according to the length of these sheets.

The price of corrugated colored galvanized sheet

The price of corrugated color galvanized sheet depends on various factors. By using wavy surfaces, you can fill all points, including small parts and corners, with sinusoidal sheet. The shiny coating of these products is very resistant to corrosion and rust. If you intend to use corrugated color sheet for your construction structures, you should pay attention to its thickness. One of the advantages of using colored corrugated galvanized sheet is its long life, which has caused many people to use it in their structures. The average lifespan of this product is estimated to be 20 to 30 years, and its maintenance and repair costs are very low.

During production, colored corrugated sheets are usually sprayed with paint in special ovens to completely absorb the color. The application of these sheets is very wide and according to the price of colored shutter sheet, it can be used for all kinds of colored roofs and condos. In general, colored sheets are produced with a global standard called paint color, and it can be said that they include 16 different colors, which are: white, cream, red, light red, blue, carbon blue, orange, yellow, light green. , dark green, purple, pink, brown, pale brown and burnt brown. To buy colored galvanized products and to know the price of colored galvanized shutter sheet, you can choose the desired thickness for the sheet and buy the product you want online from Iron Broadcasting.

Roof sheet

Shirvani sheet has been used for many purposes since ancient times. In the past, most of the northern regions of the country used to make their gable roofs from mud. After a period of time, they used cement to build these roofs. Today, despite the presence of various sheets and other materials, Shirvani sheets are used to make these roofs. In this article, we want to get acquainted with the types of roofing sheets and their features. Stay with us.
Shirvani sheets are sheets whose base material is steel or iron and are specially produced by the machine, with different shapes and sizes. These sheets are available in colors in the market and they take the desired color in the oven.
The type of sheet coating quality can be effective in the daily price of colored roof sheet. The color coating is created on the sheet in two steps and is at least 20 microns thick. In addition to the dimensions and thickness affecting the price of colored roofing sheet, dollar fluctuations as well as the price of steel and iron and the price of furnace paint are effective in the price of these sheets. Also, the price of Shirvani colored sheet or the price of iron sheet is different according to the material and its glossiness.
To know the price of sinusoidal roofing sheet, you can refer to Ahan Eshar site. You can also get help from our experts in the sales department and contact us.

Sinusoidal gable sheet

Among the types of roofing sheets, we can refer to trapezoidal roofing sheets, sinusoidal shutter roofing sheets, sinusoidal roofing sheets, shadowline roofing sheets, Palermo clay roofing sheets, and Geneva clay roofing sheets. In order to choose a roof sheet, in addition to paying attention to its application, appearance issues such as design and color should also be considered. Sinus gable sheet is used more than other types of these sheets.
Roof sheet production is mainly done in 0.5 thickness. The length of these sheets can be custom produced and supplied according to the customer's request, but their width can be only 100 or 125 cm. The thickness of these sheets is varied and ranges from 0.3 to 1 mm. Depending on the application these sheets have, they can be without color or with color. Shirvani sheet is and is used to cover the roof of workshops, roofs of buildings, sloping roofs, parking lot entrances, sheds, house entrances, pavilions, and false ceilings. Among the positive features of these sheets, he pointed out lightness, cost-effectiveness, very high execution speed, and the ability to withstand earthquakes. The construction and implementation of the roof sheet is done in 5 steps:

  • First, the type of roofing sheet and its required materials should be determined according to the place where the structure is located
  • Then choose the appearance of the structure
  • At this stage, the design and color of the roof and gable sheet should be chosen according to the person's taste
  • In the last step, side costs and time required for implementation should be calculated
  • Because of the sloping roof


  • Covering house roofs.
  • Gable roofing.
  • Covering roofs of hangars and country houses