Sinuos Sheet

Sinusoidal corrugated roofing sheet

Sinusoidal sheets are of the most common and primitive forms of galvanized sheets and get the name “sinusoidal” because of the wavy archly design of the sheets. These sheets would be used to collect snow and rain water. Later on when the usage of the corrugated sheet cutting machines became common, it was possible to produce and supply galvanized corrugated sheets in different colors and widths of 100 and 125 CM and instructed length from customer.

Iron corrugated sheets are prone to corrosion and become obsolete in a short time, and that is why galvanized corrugated sheets are so popular and common today. Most galvanized sheets can be painted and the paint not only gives a more beautiful look, it also increases the resistance against corrosion and physical damages and that’s why customers wanted to paint these sheets to give their gable or country house a better look. These sheets have a professional electrostatic kiln painting and come in a vast variety of colors.


  • Covering house roofs.
  • Gable roofing.
  • Covering roofs of hangars and country houses


Sheet thickness 0.45 mm 0.50 mm 0.55 mm 0.60 mm
Sheet width 1.00 m 1.20 m 1.25 m  


Sinusoidal corrugated roofing sheet colors

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