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Clay design sheet is one of the materials that was well received when it entered the construction industry. The clay design sheet is very beautiful and has a variety of colors, and by using the clay design sheet in the structures, you can be sure of the safety and strength of this sheet.

Because of its beauty and strength, this type of sheet is used in gazebos, gable roofs, sloping roofs, and building facades. The galvanized pottery design sheet is now available in the market and you can order it.

The weight of the clay design sheet is light and when applied, it gives a stunning beauty to the place of application and does not rot or break like clay.


Technical data

Total width 1110 mm
Effective width 1084 mm
Max. sheet length 15 m
Profile height 15 mm
Steps width 103 mm
Thickness 0.45 - 0.6 mm

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Tile sheet advantages

  • High resistance to extreme heat and fire: the roof sheet of the pottery design has a very high resistance to heat and has very little weight.
  • Very high safety against earthquakes: steel screws are used for the strength of the pottery design sheet, which provides a lot of resistance against earthquake twisting and cutting.
  • Easy and convenient installation: The clay design sheet is produced according to today's standards, and in these standards, the ease of installation for the contractor is considered.
  • Long life: Gable roofs made with clay design sheets are very resistant to the sun and have an estimated lifespan of over 50 years.

Gable roof with Tile sheet

Gable roofs that are made with materials such as clay design sheets have gained many fans and they are of high quality. The price of clay design gable roofs is checked and calculated according to the size of the roof. Also, sheet waste should be taken into account during work. You can get the gable roof accurately and accurately. You can ask the price of the metal gable roof of the pottery design by asking for advice from our experts. Among the advantages of the metal gable roof of the clay design, the following can be mentioned:

  • Resistance and adaptability to any type of weather
  • Fireproofing
  • Ability to make custom design and color
  • Applicable for villas, apartments, duplex buildings.