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Fooladgharb XPS Sandwich Panel is produced and supplied directly due to its special applications. Fooladgharb XPS Sandwich Panel is produced from all kinds of colored, galvanized and allozinc sheets available in the market in a completely customized way in terms of color and thickness. XPS Sandwich Panel is one of the special products of Fooladgharb. Due to its unique functional features, it has gained good popularity in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Fooladgharb XPS Sandwich Panel is produced with standard and is more cost-effective and quality approved for structures using petrochemical and sanitary industries than polyurethane Sandwich Panel. If you are looking for the price of quality XPS Sandwich Panels, contact the technical and sales experts of Fooladgharb, place an order and have your product delivered on time, to the desired location anywhere in the country.

Roof XPS Sandwich Panel

Roof Sandwich Panel Profile
Width 1080 mm
Effective width 980 mm
Length 2 - 13.5 m
Insulation Thikckness 4 - 25 cm
Sheet Thikckness 0.40 - 0.50 mm
Sheet Type Galvanized, Colored, Allozinc, Aluminum
Insulation density 35 - 45 kg/m3

XPS Wall Sandwich Panel

Wall Sandwich Panel Profile
Width 970 mm
Effective width 950 mm
Length 2 - 13.5 m
Insulation Thikckness 4 - 25 cm
Sheet Thikckness 0.18 - 0.50 mm
Sheet Type Galvanized, Colored, Allozinc, Aluminum
Insulation density 35 - 45 kg/m3

XPS Sandwich Panel

XPS foam or extruded polystyrene is a strong yet lightweight and flexible insulator that does not absorb moisture and is used for a wide range of construction and commercial applications. The production process of EPS and XPS is similar to each other. The difference in their production is that polystyrene beads in XPS are heated to a very high temperature to melt and various additives are added to them.

Like polystyrene, energy efficiency is a key feature of XPS insulation. With its special physical properties, XPS is more valuable than polystyrene. The value of R or R-Value means the insulation resistance against heat transfer from it. For this reason, extruded polystyrene is a better thermal insulation. The density of this foam is 32 to 36 kg per cubic meter.

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XPS sandwich panel selection guide

The application of XPS sandwich panel is varied according to its special properties. The type of sandwich panel should be selected according to the application and the type of need, weather conditions and budget. XPS sandwich panels are a good choice for the chemical industry, food factories and agriculture. However, due to the higher price of XPS sandwich panels, using it for the roof of livestock and poultry sheds is not an economical option. XPS sandwich panel is economical due to its high insulation coefficient in the long run with energy saving.

The thickness of the middle insulation of the XPS sandwich panel should be determined based on the amount of insulation required. The use of high thickness does not necessarily achieve the desired result. In case we want to use the panel instead of the roofing sheet, a single-sided sandwich panel with 4 cm insulation, the upper sheet is colored sheet and the lower sheet is made of foil paper, is an economical option with suitable function.

Price per square meter of XPS sandwich panel

The price of XPS Sandwich Panels changes daily due to severe fluctuations in sheets and raw materials. Apart from these, the price per square meter of Sandwich Panels depends on many factors and it is not possible to provide a specific or approximate price without calculations. These factors should be determined by a specialist engineer based on the type of application of the structure, environmental conditions and budget. These factors include:

  • Profile type: ceiling or wall
  • The material of the top and bottom sheets can be galvanized, allozinc or aluminum. To reduce the price of Sandwich Panels, the following sheet can also be selected with waterproof foil paper.
  • Sheet thickness: As the thickness of the sheet increases, the weight and price of the Sandwich Panel increases. Often the following sheet is chosen to be thinner than the top sheet.
  • Colors of the sheets: The bottom sheet, which is actually the inner ceiling, is often chosen white, but blue, red and orange colors are more used for the ceiling.
  • Type of insulation: Polystyrene insulation is cheaper than polyurethane, but polyurethane is better in terms of insulation and fire resistance.
  • Insulation thickness: Thicker insulation will increase the insulation properties against cold and heat.
  • Insulation density: Insulation density is selected based on the type of user.
  • Sandwich Panel width: The maximum width of the Sandwich Panel is 980 mm, but it is possible to produce with a smaller width.

Also, the area of ​​the Sandwich Panel produced will be larger than the area of ​​the structure due to the overlap of the panels.

XPS Sandwich Panel Price List

Update: 4 October 2022
Product Price Thickness (cm) Width(cm) Sheet thickness
Roof XPS Sandwich Panel Quote 4 1080 -
Roof XPS Sandwich Panel Quote 5 1080 -
Wall XPS Sandwich Panel Quote 4 970 -
Wall XPS Sandwich Panel Quote 5 970 -

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Quality control process, packaging and loading of sandwich panels

Fooladgharb company has always made customer satisfaction as its main policy. In all the years of activity of FooladGharb, the satisfaction of our capital customers has been guaranteed by its activity and expansion. Therefore, we improve the quality of our products by launching new production lines and hiring and employing educated and specialized technicians. We take care of the production, quality control of the produced sandwich panel and correct packaging and delivery so that the product that reaches you is in accordance with your request.

The process of purchasing a sandwich panel from the initial order to its delivery is a time-consuming process that Fooladgharb Company has reduced this time by using production and sales management systems and trained personnel. Please call +98(41)34242025 for more information, sandwich panel prices or other technical questions.

Sandwich panel for roof and wall covering with easy installation and insulation is the best option for commercial and residential buildings. Sandwich panel of three main layers; It has two sheets of metal and a thick layer of insulation that has high strength while being light. The middle layer of the sandwich panel can be selected from polystyrene, polyurethane foam, fiberglass and other insulation materials. Polyurethane sandwich is more popular now, but the price of polystyrene sandwich panel makes it an affordable option as a great alternative to gable roofing. The sheet in the sandwich panel includes colored sheet, galvanized, allozinc, galvanized, aluminum, foiled paper sheet.

Sandwich panels are produced for various applications such as roof, wall and refrigerator. The difference between ceiling and wall sandwich panels is in the profile of the top sheet, where the roof sandwich panel has steps that allow it to withstand additional load. But in wall sandwich panel, facade profile sheet is used on both sides. The useful width of the ceiling sandwich panel is 97 cm and the useful width of the wall sandwich panel is 95 cm. The length limit of the panel is up to 15 meters. Insulation thickness can be selected from 4 to 25 cm depending on the application such as cold storage, poultry, gym, warehouse and shed.

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