Cam lock Panels

What is a cam lock panel?

“Cam Lock Insulated Panel System”, is a polyurethane panel system, which has tongue & groove panel joint that enables the panel to be closed mechanically and it makes an airtight seal.

Where are the cam lock panels used?

Cam lock panels are used widely for the food, cold Storage, medical, & scientific Research industries, which need to have a very controlled atmosphere. These panels meet all CFIA and USDA requirements.

What is a cam lock panel made of?

The cam lock panel system has a polyurethane insulating core, steel or stainless steel or aluminum metal facings and smooth or embossed profile.

How does the cam lock panel work?

A cam lock panel has tongue and groove. The cam lock fasteners are made in pairs, a male cam locks latch and a female cam locks pin. Insulated panels are joined together in required lengths to assemble peripheral walls, partition walls, ceilings and floor. These panels have more superior tightness and uniform line. Panels slip into place allowing for easy and rapid installation, and also improving structural strength and thermal efficiency.