What is a container?

Container is a big metallic box which is mostly used for cargo carriage.

Where are the containers used?

Containers are widely used in transportation and are mainly built in standard sizes (20ft, 40ft, ….). Each container can be the basis of the calculations of the shipment costs. Size of each container is designed to fit on a trailer in order to be moved straight from the ship onto the trailer.

What are the different types of the containers?

Containers can be categorized based on 3 parameters:

  • Size,
  • usage
  • materials used for construction.

Based on the materials used, containers are categorized to the following groups:

Steel containers, aluminium containers, fiber glass containers and containers made of sandwich panels. For manufacturing the covering of the sandwich panel containers, aluzinc, aluminum and galvanized sheets are used for the roof and walls of the container. Polyurethane, fiber glass and polystyrene is used for the Insulation.

Containers are also categorized based on their usage:

Thermal Containers: This type of container

is used for the transportation of the good to need to be heated.

Refrigerator Containers: This type of container is used for transportation of foods and other perishable products and its temperature is a few dwgrees below the zero.

Open Containers: