LSF is a new method for fast and safe construction of all kinds of structures that is used. We at Fouladgharb Co., design and produce LSF using Framecad technology (New Zealand) with the TeknoEV brand.

The galvanized sheet is made into specially shaped profiles using a special roll forming machine and the main components of the structure are made, and these components are installed on top of each other at the construction site of the structure and finally the primary skeleton is created. In the LSF structure, the use of traditional materials is minimized. To complete and insulate the LSF structure, glass wool can be used for walls and sandwich panels for roof covering. The existing method such as Valcrete or Kenaf is also used for the interior and exterior.

The unique features of LSF light structure, fast implementation, less weight of the structure, resistance to earthquakes and natural disasters can be mentioned. The price of the LSF light structure is not lower than other methods, but considering the energy saving, it is considered an investment.

In the video above, which was taken from Teknova's production workshop, the production and assembly of light structure steel parts is shown.

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LSF Features

Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake Resistant

Rust resistant

Rust resistant

Fire resistant

Fire resistant

Easy and fast installation

Easy and fast installation

TeknoEV is a manufacturer of LSF

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TeknoEV Industrial Group, using the advanced technology of the world's leading manufacturer of cold-rolled steel structures (Framecad), manufactures this LSF light structure, and by using the same company's advanced software for structural design and calculations, the best structures Provides the most accurate construction calculations.

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What types of structures can the LSF be used for?

LSF for Residential buildings and villas

Residential buildings and villas

LSF for Commercial and administrative structures

Commercial and administrative structures

LSF for Research and educational structures

Research and educational structures

LSF for Industrial structures and sheds

Industrial structures and sheds

What is LSF structure?

The LSF (Lightweight Steel Framing) construction system is a construction system, which is used to implement mainly short-rise and mid-rise buildings (up to 5 floors) and approved by civil engineers in many countries. The material of the LSF structure is galvanized sheet and the use of this type of skeleton has a long history and due to its many advantages, its use has grown significantly. Currently, a significant number of construction projects are implemented using the LSF structure.

Due to the lack of use of heavy materials, LSF light structures have low weight and better performance against earthquake loads, and are considered among the best options in building construction in earthquake-prone areas. In the worst case and under the most severe earthquake, the vertical members of these structures are twisted and unlike traditional structures, they do not have debris. Also, the use of modern thermal and sound insulation in this industry has placed this structure at the top of the construction structures suitable for special regions with bad weather climates.

The superiority of LSF and its preference over conventional structures is due to its high resistance to earthquakes, increasing the reliability and durability of the building, the lightness of the structure, the extraordinary speed of execution and the reduction of construction costs. Among all these factors, the construction cost is one of the most important for people, and various things affect its amount. Things like: type of use (residential, office, etc.), architectural plan, square footage, number of floors, height of floors, opening of the building, openings and the type of roof, are all factors that affect the price reduction or increase.

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LSF from design to installation

Modern construction methods have been used all over the world for years and have strengthened their position with technical tests and acceptable experiences. Especially with disasters and natural accidents on the one hand and economic necessities on the other hand, the housing construction industry has moved towards the use of such materials as much as possible with the aim of lightening, speeding up and saving energy.

In areas that are prone to earthquakes, it is very important to lighten the building in new ways. The LSF structure is a prefabricated building system that has been used in many parts of the world for the mass production of housing in the last two decades. The LSF structure consists of open thin wall steel sections. These sections are made by cold rolling on a thin metal sheet.

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LSF structure

The LSF structure is a prefabricated and light structure that is manufactured in the factory based on the architectural plan of the building and then installed at the building site using screws, bolts and other connections. From the perspective of examining the materials used in the construction of the building, structural materials are used in the formation of the LSF structure and form its structural members and sections, composite sections, joints and accessories. The LSF style structure, which is very similar to the construction methods of wooden buildings, is formed based on the use of components called "Stud" and "Track" or "Runner", and the main structure of the building is built from the combination of cold-rolled galvanized steel profiles. The sections used in the light steel structure are U, C and Z, which are usually connected to each other by cold joints.

All kinds of LSF structures are produced using thin wall steel sections called LGS. These sections are basically cold-rolled steel products that are produced from galvanized sheets with variable profile widths, usually 89 to 308 mm, as well as thicknesses of 0.6 to 2.5 mm (depending on the design and calculations made) and as an alternative to metal structures or Existing concrete or any other type of buffer used in construction are used. The amount of zinc coating on it and its resistance grade should be according to the relevant standards.

According to the calculations, the foundation of the LSF structure can be implemented as a strip or wide, and its depth is less than other types of common structures.

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