Galvanised Steel Rib Lath Sheet

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Rib Lath are produced from the process of transverse stretching and pressing in hot galvanized sheets, grid sheets. This product is one of the most widely used metal sheets with a thickness of 0.25 to 0.5 mm and is used in various industries, especially the construction industry. Rib Lath, like galvanized sheets, are very resistant, can be good energy absorbers and depreciators, and last well in various weather conditions. On the other hand, the use of Rib Lath will help reduce costs and add to the beauty of the final product.

رابیتس گالوانیزه

Rib Lath specifications

Weight 700 g
800 g
1000 g
1100 g
1200 g
Number of columns 9

Rib Lath Applications

  • Dopped ceilings
  • Plastering and plastering
  • Covering beams and reinforcement
  • Covering cement concrete
  • Repairing construction cracks and restoration works
  • Decoration