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Galvanized chicken wire is a traditional and most popular type in all types of poultry netting. When people want to build a coop or run, the galvanized chicken wire is their first choice. The galvanized chicken wire is made of thin wire woven together to create hexagonal openings. Galvanized coating has good performance in rust and corrode resistance. The heavy-duty galvanized coating can ensure the long service life of the chicken wire.

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توری مرغی فلزی

Poultry netting Specification

Length 90 – 120 cm
Width 45 m
Weight 7 – 9 kilograms
Spring 1.2 – 3.2 inches
Wire Material Galvanized

Poultry netting Features

  • Galvanized coating for rust and corrosion resistance.
  • High quality steel wire for high tensile strength.
  • Reinforce wire lines for stability and durability.
  • Small opening can prevent small predators in.
  • Smooth surface will not hurt chickens and other poultry.
  • Different specifications can be customized.