About Foolad Gharb Company

Navardkaran Foolad Gharb Azarnab Khavari Industrial Group started its official activity since 2001, with the manufacturing of Sandwich Panels, Corrugated Roofing Sheets and Light Gauge Steel Frames, based in Tabriz, Iran.

Approaching to constant improvement, Foolad Gharb Company has updated the technology for its sandwich panel production line in accordance with the world's scientific developments. Currently, utilizing the largest and the most advanced continuous production lines for manufacturing polyurethane sandwich panels in the northwest of the country and employing sophisticated experts, it has gained the ability to manufacture three million square meters annually of all kinds of wall, roof, cold storage and hidden screw sandwich panels.

In order to guarantee and keeping up the desired quality and respecting the rights of our clients, all the products of Foolad Gharb group in all phases including designing, manufacturing, cutting and packaging are carried out thoroughly automatic, without human intervention, and with the strict supervision and monitoring of the quality control unit. The manufactured products are equalized according to the world's standards, which ultimately brings the assurance of the product quality to the customers.

Further, Navardkaran Foolad Gharb by identifying the stagnant capacities for roll forming products and recognizing the market's demand for safe, fast and economical constructions, has launched the first and the only light-gauge steel frame production line under the brand of "Tekno EV", in the northwest of the country. This production unit, using the latest model of the New Zealand Frame Cad device, available in the world and utilizing specialized experts and well-trained personnel, has the capacity to manufacture and pack 6 thousand tons for all kinds of light steel structures.

Making contentment, is the essence of our beliefs. Where our human resources with thorough adherence to ethical principles and honesty, play their role in invoking a trust-based shopping experience for our clients. At Foolad Gharb Group, customer satisfaction is not an advantage, but a principle in all our actions. Based on this principle, at Foolad Gharb, in order to attract and retain customers, we do not rely only on providing quality products and services to our clients, but also by actualizing a customer-oriented organization and paying attention to personal development of employees and managers; we are trying to build a deep business and emotional relationship based on respect and trust. This in the end, helps us to well understand the needs of our customers which eventually brings a feeling of joy and satisfaction in their memory through providing services beyond their expectations.