Clean Room

What is a Clean Room?

Clean Room is a room in which the density of the aerosols of the air is controllable. It should be built in a way that the density of the aerosols not to get higher than the allowed limit and other related parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure get under control. Basically Clean Room is an environment in which production, industrial and scientific research is done and in this environment, the amount of the aerosols is much lower than a normal environment. Aerosols that are usually found like: dust, microbes in the air and evaporation of the liquids.

Which industries use the Clean Room?

By developments achieved in different aspects of science and industry, very precise devices are manufactured that without using clean rooms, they couldn’t be manufactured.

In Iran, Clean Rooms are used in industries like pharmacy, automobile, aerospace, food and beverage, optics, electronics and so many other industries.

What are the characteristics of a Clean Room?

Clean Room should have a filtration and air conditioning system to provide the fresh air into the room. Processes in a clean room should be designed in a way to not to create aerosols. People working inside the clean room should dress up in a way that no particle can pass through their clothes and also the clothes themselves do not create the particles. Rules should be established to minimize the transfer of the particles. And finally it should be made of the materials that don’t create and transfer the particles.

How does a Clean Room work?

The ventilation system of a Clean Room is designed in a way to not only provide the fresh air, but also to filter the pollutants. For this purpose, cooling and heating systems like vapor-compression chillers, boilers and hygienic air ventilators are used to supply the needed humidity and pressure of the air and to make the air to pass through different filters to be used again.

What are the suitable materials for construction of a Clean Room?

Materials used for a Clean Room should be light, smooth, clean, resistant against the chemicals and it should prevent air from entering to the room.

Sandwich panels are used widely for the Clean Rooms because they have all the mentioned specifications. According to the description given above, manufacturing process for the clean room sandwich panels needs precise accuracy which “Navardkaran Foolad Gharb” due to years of experience in manufacturing of these panels, provides products with high quality.