Container Homes

Polyurethane and Polystyrene are used for the construction of the prefabricated houses. “Navardkaran Foolad Gharb” company has the capability of construction of the prefabricated houses in different designs and areas.

Container home is one of the most affordable options for building a stylish suit with facilities which has high security. When we talk about the container homes, a temporary residence might be perceived but actually container houses can be built in two stories at different dimensions and equipped with cooling and heating systems.

What is a Container Home?

Container home is one the most affordable choices for building a stylish suit with facilities. The main difference of this structure with other structures is at the materials used for the construction. Container homes are capable to compete with previously used structures because of the unique characteristics that they have. The most important competitive advantage of this structure is the capability of being built at the workshops and to be moved to the installation place. Furthermore more resistance against the earthquake, short time of construction can be mentioned as two other advantage of these structures. Regarding to the geographical conditions at the country yards and gardens, container homes can be a suitable option.

Design and Materials of the Container Home

Architecture design, structure calculations and technical parameters are set by the designer engineer after visiting the location considering the geographical location and local conditions. But for smaller container homes, the construction will be based on standards of the construction and assumed by the optimum conditions. But for building multi-unit container homes more accurate design and calculations are needed. Each unit of the multi-unit container homes is built separately and transported to the location of the construction due to traffic regulations, and the units can be connected at the location. A container home which is made of sandwich panels can be constructed as simple as the mentioned method.

But in general, it’s better to design the container homes based on the situation of the location. The advantages of this method is the proper adoption of the position of the doors and windows according to the position of the location and also the thickness and density of the used materials will be according to the climate of the location of construction.

There were other pre-fabricated container homes before the use of sandwich panels. Sandwich panels based on polyurethane and polystyrene can be used according to the climate of the location of the structure, position of the structure and opinion of the designer of the structure. It should be considered that the sandwich panels made of Polyurethane are fire-proof and can also stop the fire from spreading but these panels are more expensive than polystyrene panels.

The floor of the container home is one of the effective parameters on the cost of the construction which can be made of ceramics, parquet and water-proof flooring. But for using the ceramics for the floor of the container homes made of sandwich panels, it should be considered that the weight of the structure will increase massively. So there might be problems in transportation of the structure from the workshop to the installation location and it might cause problem for the flooring like the separation of the ceramics from the mortar.

Facilities of a Container Home:

If there was a weakness point about the container homes, the container homes wouldn’t be used this much. So the container homes can be known as the main competitor for the previous structures. Whatever you expect from a stylish villa and of course secure and earthquake resistant, can be found in container homes made of polyurethane and polystyrene sandwich panels. Some of the facilities that these container homes can have are: bathroom, sleeping room, living room, movie room and places for playing etc.

Lifetime of the Container Homes:

First let’s have a look at parameters effecting the lifetime of a container home in general:

The frame of the container home should be welded by AK electrodes to prevent failure of the structure and to prevent any damages caused while transporting to the location of the structure. We should consider that these structures can be built in multi-unit form which cause less damages and less traffic limits while transportation and also these structures are more affordable than the structures in which the tunnel should be used between the containers.

Regarding that the structure of the most of the containers are similar to each other, they should be adopted based on the form and usage of the consumed materials. Both because of the form and the calculation of the facing loads. Structure used in containers is mostly made of Iron profiles in 40*40, 80*40*, 60*60 or 80*80 dimensions which should be on a metallic frame made of IPE or IPB with electrostatic color which prevents the corrosion. The welding process should be done very carefully and thickness of the profiles is an important parameter. The main advantage of container is the capability of their parts to be replaced. So attention must be paid to the structure and frame, because of their importance on the lifetime of the containers. Weight of the container is another important factor for the lifetime of the containers. For example containers that girders have been used for their construction, have shorter lifetime in comparison to other containers that light profiles is used for the construction.

If the plates of body of the container doesn’t have the suitable thickness, this will cause water leakage and finally it will result in shorter lifetime of the structure.

Using the proper polystyrene insulator which has high density can prevent energy losses and reduce the need for energy consumption inside the container home. “Navardkaran Foolad Gharb” company supplies one the most high quality polystyrene sandwich panels with high density.

Using P.V.C wall covering panels is better than M.D.F panels because M.D.F is weaker and more fragile against the water. It’s better to use 4, 5 and 5.2 mm cables. Because using cheaper and weaker cables might result in fire inside the container. Especially for the electrical appliances like the fridge this point is very important.

It was mentioned in the beginning of this article that the usage of the ceramics for flooring of the container homes, will result in extra weight of the container and because of that attention must be paid while transporting but the ceramics should be used for the bathroom because the other materials don’t have enough resistance against the water.

One of the things that will have low cost for you is buying used container home, Off course while considering all advantages and disadvantages and if it’s reviewed by a good consultant. The cost of a used container might even be more than a new one if all parts of the container isn’t surveyed before purchase.

Parameters effecting the price of a container home in general:

  • Area of the container.
  • Construction plan and technical specification
  • Transportation and on-site assembly costs
  • Materials used for the construction
  • Geographical location of the structure
  • Method of the construction (built on site or in the workshop)

Regarding to what has been said, it can be said that according to the geographical location and considering your budget for the construction, consultants of the “Navardkaran Foolad Gharb” will choose the best materials for the construction of your container home according to your budget and geographical location.

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